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Unleashing the chemopreventive power of tocotrienols

 Prevention is better than cure
but do not wait until it is too late

Based on scientific evidence: 

  • Degenerative diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases and stroke are preventable

  • Palm tocotrienol-rich fraction is the best natural source of tocotrienols but its high -tocopherol content attenuates its functionality

  • For chemoprevention of degenerative diseases, the general order of potency is    -tocotrienol > -tocotrienol > -tocotrienol > -tocotrienol except for neuroprotection whereby -tocotrienol has the highest potency

  • -Tocopherol depresses the bioavailability and potency of tocotrienols

  • No known adverse effect or overdose toxicity for tocotrienols

  • Tocotrienols have synergistic effects with Tamoxifen and statins

  • Sub-micromolar and low-micromolar levels of tocotrienols are required for neuroprotection,  inhibition of cancer cells proliferation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

We provide a better option for wise customers.  Our standard tocotrienol-rich fraction has the following features: 

  • Low -tocopherol content
  • High -tocotrienol content
  • Free from possible contamination by residual fatty acid methyl esters
  • Free from tocotrienols with thermally degraded side chain
  • Free from trans fatty acids and genetic modifications
  • Contains natural-occurring monoacylglycerols for enhancing the bioavailability


We use innovative technology.  Our unique process features include: 

  • Highly environmental friendly process: zero-waste technology
  • Renewable energy is used to generate steam and electricity; crude palm oil transfers by pipeline using renewable energy-driven pumps
  • Low pressure steam is used for heat exchange
  • Low distillation temperature
  • Non-destructive process: preserving palm oil for food applications
  • Avoided transesterification step


 We provide not just typical tocotrienols but the tocotrienols you need for chemoprevention of degenerative diseases.  We are committed to provide the best for consumers and society in the long run

We care for the environment, global climate change, food supply and most importantly, your health




Disclaimer:  The information contained in this website is derived from international conferences and peer-reviewed international journals.  The information is believed to be accurate and is presented in good faith.  However, the customers and readers are advised to evaluate the accuracy of the information and suitability for use of our products for their specific applications.  We do not offer any guarantee or warranty, and the information should not construe as a recommendation to use.

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